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1, easy to learn, easy to do
Children massage operation is simple, easy to learn, as long as the requirements, follow its rules, a few operation practice can grasp the basic method.
Pediatric massage is a natural therapy, do not need any equipment, medicines and medical equipment, just rely on the hands of the parents in the children's body surface manipulation, you can achieve the purpose of disease prevention and control. It is not restricted by medical conditions, can be implemented anytime, anywhere. This is not only easy to use, but also to save costs.
2, quick effect, high curative effect
It is proved by clinical practice that pediatric massage has better curative effect on children's common diseases and frequently occurring diseases. For many chronic diseases, difficult diseases have a relatively good effect.
3, secure, easy rebound
As long as the diagnosis is correct, in accordance with the operation method of infantile massage reasonable treatment, generally not dangerous or unsafe problems. Application of pediatric massage treatment of disease, no rebound and any complications.
4, no toxic side effects, conducive to disease recovery
The massage is a simple manual therapy techniques, treatment to avoid adverse reactions or toxicity of some drugs, but also to correct the drug due to dose discomfort to the patient's body caused by adverse reactions or harm, is a treatment benefit, full compliance with recommended by the medical field "no trauma medicine" and "natural therapy" requirements.
5, cure root, not easy to relapse
The root cause of the recurrence of chronic disease lies in the decline of the Zang Fu organs and the function of Qi and blood. Massage therapy according to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic disease, can for the cause, by the methods of operation, strengthen blood circulation, restore the function of organs, so can achieve the purpose to cure the root; for acute disease, originally the body function is not much loss, and pay attention to the process of massage function treatment, not the root cause of recurrent disease, left; because the body quality of Tiaobu reduce recurrence opportunity. For the weak, not only can cure the disease, but also improve the immune function and health quality.
6, the child is not suffering, easy to accept
Other therapies for children to suffer, that is, medication, children are difficult to accept, often to the disease treatment to bring trouble; at the same time, often because children can not cooperate with the doctor and affect the efficacy. Application of pediatric massage therapy, children will not have any pain, and even feel that it is a kind of enjoyment, to eliminate the fear of children in the course of disease treatment.
7, prevention and health care, suitable for family
In addition to a good child massage treatment effect, there is a very good health care function. Regular use of child health massage, can enhance children's physical fitness, improve children's disease resistance, very suitable for families.
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