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My mother learned to pediatric massage, common cold baby cough, diarrhea and other symptoms have a fever, can be at home in pediatric massage therapy, not only eliminates the take the baby to the hospital to take medicine and injections of pain, more can significantly enhance the baby's resistance to disease.
Children massage: the smaller the child, the better the effect
There is a certain relationship between the efficacy of massage therapy in children with children and children common disease age, generally 0-14 years old children for pediatric massage, but according to different age, the effect will be different, the child is small, the reaction better massage. General 0-6 year old child massage effect is very obvious; 6-9 years old method to add quantity, massage time to relatively long, the effect is also very good; 9-14 years old, to insist on long-term do, according to the different children's physique, the effect is different.
小儿推拿:纯绿色疗法 保护宝宝身体健康
Pediatric massage: pure green therapy to protect the baby's health
妈妈学小儿推拿 促宝宝健康成长
Mother learns child massage to promote healthy growth of baby
The massage is pure green therapy, can replace some chemical drugs, antibiotics, reduce the side effects of drug therapy to enhance the baby body's natural resistance, erosion prevention and virus breeding, can achieve disease treatment, care, fully protect the baby's health.
(1) dredge the channels and collaterals. The "Yellow Emperor" said: "the meridian barrier; was born heartless disease, treatment by massage, massage that clear the meridians effect. Such as massage Zusanli, push the spleen can increase the secretion of digestive juice and other functions, from the perspective of modern medicine, massage is mainly through the stimulation of peripheral nerve, promote metabolism and blood circulation, lymphatic tissue, to coordinate the various tissues and organs between functions, make the metabolism level function improved.
(2)调和气血。明代养生家罗洪在《万寿仙书》里说:“按摩法能疏通毛窍,能运旋荣卫”。这里的运旋荣卫,就是调和气血之意。因为按摩就是以柔软、轻和之力,循经络、按穴位,施术于人体,通过经络的传导来调 节全身,借以调和营卫气血,增强机体健康。
(2) harmonizing Qi and blood. Ming Dynasty health home Luo Hong in "longevity Fairy Book" said: "massage can dredge Mao Mao, can spin Wei Wei."". Here "spin spin Rong Wei", that is, to reconcile the meaning of blood. Because the massage is soft, light and power, meridians, acupoints, surgery on the human body, conduction through the meridians to regulate the body, to reconcile camp Wei Qi, strengthen body health.
(3) improving the immunity of organism. Such as infantile diarrhea by massage, symptoms relieved or disappeared; there are dry and wet rales in the lungs, rubbing the small grain. Cross eye. Some people in the same age group of children in parallel with the control group for massage, massage group of children, the incidence decreased, height, weight, appetite and so on were higher than the control group.
It is also because massage can dredge the channels and collaterals. To keep a balance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood throughout the body, so after massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, refreshing, eliminate fatigue, has an important role to ensure the health of.
With the renewal of modern people's health concept, many parents begin to trust and adopt this pure green therapy - pediatric massage. At present, this therapy has become one of the most important methods for International Children's health care and treatment. I hope more mothers will recognize the advantages of the green massage therapy, reduce the use of antibiotics and protect the baby's future health.