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1, gently knead the helix through the kidney qi: hold the empty fist in both hands, push the thumb and index finger down the helix wheel for 1 minutes until the helix is congested and heated.
Hint: the traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the whole body Qi has various organs after collecting the kidney to save the kidney, the kidney is open to the ear, the ear is full of the whole body point, so the massage ear can not only strengthen the kidney, but also can make the whole body acupoint.
2, the comb to promote blood circulation: with the finger or comb from the forehead to the pillow, from the sides of the temporal to the top of the "comb", every 50~100 times, with the morning comb as the best.
It is suggested that all the channels and collaterals of the human body converge to the head. When combing the hair, we should pass the eyebrow, the heaven, the hundred meeting, the printing hall, the jade pillow, the wind pond and so on. These acupoints, like acupuncture stimulation, can promote the head blood flow and dredge the channels and collaterals.
3, lotus sitting active ligament: when sitting, flexion left leg, Linyi traditional Chinese medicine massage training on the left foot in the right thigh of the groin, hands on the left knee cover, gently doing up and down elastic movement several times, to contact the ground; then change the right foot.
Hint: sticking to exercise can help to activate multiple ligaments of the human body, so that muscles such as legs, abdomen, chest and neck can be fully extended to maintain smooth meridians.
4, 5 word to adjust the five zang organs: every morning, breathe in with your nose, breathe out your mouth and breathe, and whisper: SH, ah, mouth four, blow and shout, do not make any noise. Each word corresponds to a viscera: shush to liver, to heart, mouth to four pairs of lungs, to the kidney, to the spleen.
5, three line relax meridians: lie on the bed, divide the body into three lines, relax from top to bottom. The first line (two sides): the top of Linyi traditional Chinese massage training head - both sides of the neck - two shoulder - two upper arm - two elbow joint - two hands. The idea is to maintain 1~2 minutes at the middle finger; second lines (front): face, neck, chest, abdomen, two thighs, two knees - two calves - two feet back - ten toes. The idea is to maintain 1~2 minutes in toes; third lines (posterior): posterior brain - occipital - two calf posterior - two feet - two sole. The idea is in the heart Yongquan point for 1~2 minutes.
Hint: the idea goes along the meridian and collaterals to relax. In fact, this is to push Qi and blood along the meridians to check the degree of patency. It is effective for tired or insomniacs.
6, mint tea taste sparse Meridian: take 15 grams of dried mint leaves, green tea 3 grams, into the boiling water 1500 ml, to be bubbling taste and slightly cool, filter out residue, add a small amount of ice sugar, or wash the fresh thin lotus leaf, into the cup, directly into the boiling water.
Hint: peppermint, green peppermint and apple peppermint are used to make tea. They are bitter and spicy. They are good for stomach and dredging the collaterals, but the peppermint is cool and not easy to serve for a long time.
7, old sponge gourd guide meridians: old loofah 1, chopped and fry until yellowish, finely finished, 10 grams each time, hot water over clothing.