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Children Massage: Do not take medicine can regulate the baby's spleen and stomach
Winter is the time when babies grow up and need more nutrients naturally, but in the hot winter, the digestive function of babies will be greatly reduced, especially for those with weak spleen and stomach, which is a burden. Therefore, it has become an urgent duty for parents to regulate their spleen and stomach in winter. As parents, naturally want to regulate the spleen and stomach of the baby without injections and medicines. Is there such a way? I will inform you tomorrow that there are some good ways. Western medicine experts will recommend some good ways to you.
According to the introduction of children massage experts, children's spleen and stomach is not good, caused by many reasons, such as jaundice (that is, gastrointestinal digestion is not good), acquired lack, inappropriate nursing and so on. After the massage method of Western medicine, how to adjust it?
1. Acupuncture of "Four Seam Points"
As for the accumulation of chancre, it can be regulated by needling "four-seam acupoints". "Four Suture Points" are located on four fingers except the thumb, near the finger joint of the palm. After needling, let the grease liquid flow out. Acupuncture once a week and continue for four times. After ordinary needling once, the child's Qi and blood improved distinctly and his appetite improved.
2. "Massage" can cure scabies
In addition to needling the four-seam acupoints mentioned above, the ancients often used the method of "pinching accumulation" to treat intestinal and gastric diseases such as scabies. Massage is to use different methods according to the condition of the disease to comfort some meridians and acupoints of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating the disease. This law is very suitable for children's characteristics and will not bring any suffering to the children. It can prevent and cure diseases.
According to the introduction of the pediatric massage specialist, massage the back before kneading, grasp the muscles, then knead six times from bottom to top, and then use the method of "kneading three mentions one". The detailed method of "kneading three mentions one" is to knead the skin on both sides of the back of the spine with both hands at the same time, from bottom to top, along a direction. Every three pinches, we have to lift it up vigorously.
3. Massage Zusanli
This method is mainly aimed at the symptoms of poor spleen and stomach caused by lack of acquired care and improper acquired care. Children massage experts recommend that parents massage Zusanli acupoint for 10 to 15 minutes every day, which can make children digest fragmentary function vigorously and deteriorate their physical strength. Zusanli is the Spleen Merger Acupoint and the key point of health care. Detailed pressing and kneading method is clockwise pressing and kneading. It can also use the opposite method to cooperate with massaging the spleen and stomach on the back to enhance the effectiveness of health care.
4. Dietotherapy for invigorating the spleen and stomach
If parents are not free, maybe children dare not stop needling, child massage experts recommend several recipes. Proper dietary changes can also regulate children's spleen and stomach in daily life.
"Drinking porridge can nourish the stomach." Pediatric experts introduced, such as Houttuynia cordata porridge, Coix rice porridge, Huaishan porridge, jujube porridge, jujube porridge. If the child's spleen and stomach are not good, anorexia, pickiness and accompanied by diarrhea and other conditions, can participate in the congee with ginger boiling, and then eating; if the child has belly flatulence and other scenarios, can participate in the orange peel, orange peel has the role of dampness and qi.
From the point of view of Western medicine, children are the body of pure yang. Diseases come and go quickly. In addition, the child's body temperature control center is not well developed, and the external temperature changes are poorly regulated. It is easy to form a cold and fever. Therefore, respiratory diseases can easily affect the spleen and stomach. Initially, parents should pay attention to children's cold and warm protection.
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