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  "Solar massage" is to separate children's own physical characteristics at a specific time (before and after the festival), adopt acupoint massage to harmonize the Yin and Yang between heaven and man, assist the body to comply with the changing laws of nature, and maximize the potential of the body to respond to environmental changes and resist diseases.
  11月8日 立冬,我国古时民间习气以立冬为冬季的开端。《月令七十二候集解》说:“立,建始也”,又说:“冬,终也,万物珍藏也。”
  On November 8, the beginning of winter was the beginning of the folk custom in ancient China. "Moon order 72 Hou Ji Jie" said: "set up, start also", said: "winter, end also, all things are also treasured."
  Beginning of winter means the beginning of winter. All things are treasured to avoid the cold.
  After the beginning of winter, it means that winter officially comes. Plants wither, insects sleep, and all things tend to stop. Although human beings have no theory of hibernation, Chinese people have the custom of starting winter to make up for winter. In the cold weather, we should eat more warm and tonic food, which can not only make our body stronger, but also play a good role in keeping out the cold.
  Why can solar massage strengthen immunity?
  Human and nature are closely related. 12 months a year, 12 days of meridians, 24 solar terms a year, 24 vertebrae
  People live in the big environment, the big environment has changed, and the blood of human body will also have wonderful changes. The focus of treatment and prevention is from 24 solar terms, which will achieve unexpected results. Therefore, 24 solar terms are used to prevent diseases and keep healthy. Children's massage and conditioning on the day before and after the solar terms are several times better than usual.
  Which children are suitable for solar massage?
  1. Children with repeated cold. During the solar term, the disease is most likely to invade the lung, so it is necessary to separate massage and strengthen the lung function.
  2. Children with chronic diseases, such as chronic rhinitis, chronic adenoid hypertrophy, malnutrition, anemia, etc., who need to recuperate their physique, with the help of the strength of nature, can grow up in spring and grow up in summer, harvest in autumn and store in winter, and help them adjust their physique according to the situation.
  3. For the healthy children, prevention is always greater than treatment.
  Benefits of solar massage
  Solar massage is a kind of health care method which adapts to the changes of natural laws and actively intervenes the baby's body in advance.
  1. Prevention before disease and prevention of disease transmission.
  2. Let the baby grow in a relatively healthy state.
  3. Increase the baby's healthy spirit, strengthen the body's functions, strengthen the physique, improve the ability of exemption and recovery.
  4. Strengthen the function of spleen and stomach.
  "You can't do evil if you have good Qi! Where evil gathers, its Qi will be empty!
  The massage department of children mainly regulates cold, fever, cough, asthma, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, spleen and stomach disorders, sallow complexion, yin deficiency and internal heat, restlessness, night sweat, enuresis, night cry, torticollis, muscle tension, etc.
  What else should we pay attention to this season?
  In winter, what is "stored" is "kidney essence" and "kidney qi". In traditional Chinese medicine, the "kidney qi" dominates the Qi of the whole body. The deficiency of Kidney Qi will be accompanied by various physical "deficiency syndrome" manifestations, such as limb weakness, physical weakness, waist and knee weakness and other diseases. So a key word of health preservation in winter is
  Tibetan Yang
  ◆ early to bed and late to rise
  Early to bed can conserve Yang Qi, while late to rise can coagulate Yin essence. To ensure enough sleep time is conducive to the growth of Yang Qi.
  ◆ good for the body
  俗话所言:“冬天动一动,少闹一场病;冬天懒一懒,多喝药一碗。” 立冬过后也要坚持体育锻炼,不只能使人的大脑坚持兴奋状态,还能进步人的抗寒才能,也是调养肉体的好方法。
  As the saying goes: "when you move in winter, you will have less disease; when you are lazy in winter, you will have more medicine." After the beginning of winter, we should also adhere to physical exercise, not only to make people's brain adhere to the excited state, but also to improve people's ability to resist cold, which is also a good way to cultivate the body.
  Tibetan warm
  After the beginning of winter, the weather turns cold. If you wear too little or too thin, you will consume Yang Qi; if you wear too much or too thick, you will not be able to hide Yang Qi. Cold evils are easy to enter. After the beginning of winter, you should pay attention to keeping warm and hiding the heat on your body.
  The best time of solar massage: one day before solar term, one day after solar term, for three days, the baby with weakened physique proposes to massage for 5 consecutive days.
  The proper way to nourish the kidney in winter
  In addition to assisting children in the treatment of pain, children's massage is also very advantageous in daily health care. Start every day, this winter will be able to reduce the cost of running the hospital with children.
  Invigorating the spleen, helping the movement, nourishing the nature
  Tonifying the kidney yang and nourishing the kidney yin
  Nourish body Yin liquid
  Regulating the functions of the viscera: adjusting the five meridians
  Tonifying the spleen meridian, 100-300 times for children under 3 years old, and appropriate increase for children over 3 years old
  Tonifying kidney channel, 100-300 times for children under 3 years old, and appropriate increase for children over 3 years old
  Mo Yongquan, 100-300 times for children under 3 years old, with appropriate increase for children over 3 years old
  Knead two horses, 100-300 times for children under 3 years old, and increase appropriately for children over 3 years old
  Tune five classics 3-5 times
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